GLF Schools

GLF Schools


Our mathematics curriculum broadly follows the pedagogy of Teaching for Mastery, which includes representation and structure, mathematical thinking, fluency variation and coherence.

Our school approach to mathematics is largely based on research and the belief that:

  • Everyone can learn maths to the highest levels
  • Maths is about creativity and making sense
  • Maths is about connections and communicating
  • Maths is about learning not performing
  • Maths is a growth subject, it takes time to learn and it is all about effort

This is achieved through a ‘Learning Without Limits’ approach of choice and challenge and ‘Magic 10’, which supports the children with number sense, visualisation and fluency.

We use White Rose Maths Scheme in EYFS and KS1 , which is influenced, inspired and informed by the work of leading maths researchers and practitioners across the world.